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The Symbaline is an electro-acoustic wine glass instrument. Inspired by sympathetic string instruments such as the sitar, the Symbaline connects wine glasses to string instruments such as a guitar using electromagnetic actuators. The guitar sound is acquired by a pickup, processed in real-time by dedicated software, and routed to the wine glasses. This results in wine glass sympathetic vibrations accompanying the guitar sound. Different timbres and sonic possibilities are achieved by tweaking the dedicated software and applying additional audio effects.

The Symbaline was featured in three academic publications:

Arbel, L., Schechner, Y. Y., & Amir, N. Wine glass sound excitation by mechanical coupling to plucked strings. Applied Acoustics, 124, 2017, 1-10.

Arbel, L., Schechner, Y. Y., & Amir, N. Symbaline: An electromagnetically actuated wine glass instrument.
Journal of New Music Research, 47(5), 2018, 476-491.

Arbel, L., Schechner, Y. Y., & Amir, N. The Symbaline - An Active Wine Glass Instrument with a Liquid Sloshing Vibrato Mechanism. Proceedings of the International Conference on New Interfaces for Musical Expression, Porto Alegre, Brazil, 2019, 9-14.


Aeolis is a software synthesizer producing pitched tones with timbres of ambient sounds such as crashing waves and traffic noise. Aeolis is used in on-site installations in environments with rich soundscapes, such as beaches, roadside areas, and forests. It captures the soundscape using a microphone and processes it in real-time through a series of band-pass filters to produce pitched tones with soundscape timbres. Aeolis is controlled by a MIDI keyboard, and the tones are projected through loudspeakers or headphones, creating an immersive, site-specific musical experience.

Aeolis was featured in an academic publication:

Arbel, L. Aeolis: A Virtual Instrument Producing Pitched Tones With Soundscape Timbres. Proceedings of the International Conference on New Interfaces for Musical Expression (NIME), Shanghai, China, 2021.


LeMo is a modular musical instrument assembly kit for musical acoustics education, intended for students, children and popular audiences. The kit consists of various musical resonators and radiators such as string, membrane, shell, bar and horn. The modules are assembled using a magnetic fastener to create prototypes of musical instruments, representing many acoustic instruments such as a guitar, violin, kalimba, xylophone and drums. The kit is useful for exploring the effect of individual structural components on the overall sound of an instrument, as well as prototyping novel and experimental instruments. LeMo is currently used as a teaching aid in undergraduate and graduate courses taught at the Technion (Israel). 

LeMo is the product of a post-doctoral research conducted in Laboratoire d’Acoustique de l’Université du Mans (LAUM), Le Mans, France, in collaboration with Professor François Gautier.

LeMo was featured in an academic publication:

Arbel, L., Gautier, F. LeMo: An Assembly Kit for Musical Acoustics Education. Journal of New Music Research, 2022, 1-15.

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