Chava's Song - Michael Hedges
Electric guitar and Symbaline

I simply love this song, and I think it sounds wonderful with some
sympathetic tones in the background.
The electric guitar (self made) is plugged directly into the Symbaline.

Destination NW (Symbaline and Classical guitar)

This is an original piece for the Symbaline, performed with a classical guitar as a source instrument. The Symbaline and the guitar are recorded separately, and the Symbaline track is deliberately a little over-pronounced.
Video: Eyal Seroussi.


Symbaline (acoustic guitar mode) -
Stairway To Heaven

The symbaline works especially well with soft, slow tunes at around the 4th octave. This intro to Stairway To Heaven turned out to be a perfect fit. The 12 glasses were tuned to F4-E5. The guitar was recorded using the internal piezo bridge pickup.
Video: Eyal Seroussi.


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